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Which Is The Smallest Country In Europe?

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Located in the continent of Europe, Vatican City is considered to be the smallest country in Europe as well as in the world. The population of this country settled in an area of only 44 hectares is only 840. Despite this, this country is internationally recognized. This nation is very well known everywhere throughout the world because of the acclaimed Roman Catholic Church of the Christian people group and the strict master Pope. The churches, mausoleums, museums, etc. are the center of attraction here.

Know More About Vatican City, The Smallest Country In Europe

Europe's smallest country by continent is "Vatican" city, which is spread over about 0.44 square kilometers, Europe has talked about how many countries there are in the continent. And if we talk about the second smallest country in Asia, then the second smallest country here is "Monaco" which is spread over 2.02 square kilometers.

General Information About Vatican City Country

  • Vatican City is the capital city of the country

  • It is the smallest, independent state on earth, with an area of only 44 hectares (108.7 acres).

  • Vatican City and it is also the largest city here. 

  • It is located inside the Italian city of Rome. 

  • The official language of this country is Italian while in addition the Latin language is also spoken here.

  • This is the center of the Roman Catholic Church, the main denomination of Christianity and it is the residence of the supreme leader of this sect, the Pope. 

  • Vatican City is the smallest country in Europe by population, with about 800 people inhabited by 2018 figures.

  • This includes St. Peter's Church, Vatican Church, Vatican Gardens, and many other churches.

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