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Which Are The Unexplored Hill Stations In Tamilnadu?

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If you want to see lush green hills, then everyone wanted to visit Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh. By the way, both these places are rich in their amazing beauty. But the beauty of nature in India does not end anywhere. Tamil Nadu is one of these places. Here you will also see beauty scattered all around. If you are planning to visit the next trip somewhere, then definitely read about these places. So, here see below some unexplored hill stations in Tamilnadu.

Valparai Hill Station:

Valparai is a hill station that is not for the weak hearted. Located at an altitude of 3500 feet above sea level, this hill station is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Valparai is a part of the Anamalai mountain range and comes under the Coimbatore district. Despite the settlement of the human settlement some 170 years ago, many of the mountainous expanses under this hill station are still not bound by the border.

Meghamalai Hills:

Meghamalai Hill, 70 km from Theni. Located on the Western Ghats. It is situated at an altitude of 500 feet above sea level. The place is surrounded by rich fauna and flora. More than 100 species of birds are found here. This place is very special for bird lovers. The Tamil Nadu government has established a bird sanctuary in view of the diversity of birds here. A variety of animals, reptiles, and butterflies are found on the Meghamalai hill.

Sirumalai Hills:

Sirumalai is a place in Tamil Nadu that you have rarely heard of. This entire area is spread over an area of 200 sq km. A lot of herbs and flora are found in this densely forested area. Sirumalai houses the ancient Shiv Shakti Temple, Mathamalai Annai Velakanni Church, and the temple of Lord Murugan i.e. Vishnu, along with the river, waterfall and pond.

Manjolai Hills:

23 km from Manimuthar and 63 from Tirunelveli, Manjolai is an extremely beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu. Kalakkad lies in the depths of the Western Ghats along with the Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. Located at an altitude of 1162 meters, Manjolai is an ideal summer resort near Upper Kodaiyar. This hill is also known for the cultivation of different types of tea.

Kalrayan Hills:

These hills passing through many cities of Tamil Nadu are known for their trekking. If you are fond of adventure, then definitely go for a tour of this hill station. Many wild trees and plants will be seen here.

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