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The Story of a Royalty Painter: Ahmad Khawaja

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Ahmad Khawaja was simply once a common kid who lived in the southern piece of India. He was a school kid who wanted to paint and draw various things. From basic unique plans to the most confounded countenances of his colleagues. He was referred to in their school as the most gifted kid who can draw his instructor's appearances and articulations. He was constantly discovered portraying his instructor's face at the rear of their study hall and he was constantly been chided by them since he scarcely pays attention to what his educator was saying. 

At some point, Kochi (the city where Ahmad Khawaja lived) has encountered the best flood India had at any point had. Right around 800 individuals passed on from that cataclysmic event including his family with the exception of his more youthful sister and him. They were so astonished to in any case see each other after the tempest. They had lived respectively in the other city called Pondicherry. There, they began living on there own by gathering trash and offering it to the garbage shop. 

Ahmad Khawaja couldn't go to class on account of their circumstance. His sister, Levi Khawaja helps him in his trash assortment after her school. At some point, he had the option to pick a basic pencil and a filthy scratch pad from his trash that he gathered that day. It captivated him since he couldn't draw since the tempest has cleaned away his life from him. He made that scratch pad his sketch cushion where he draws his sentiments and this had fill in as his journal. 

The following episode was what flipped around his life and has been the entryway of perpetual and boundless freedom for him. At the point when he had the option to meet the extremely obstinate and shrewd princess of India, Princess Aishani Neguhiti. Princess Aishani Neguhiti has been referred to be circumventing India as a standard young lady to be liberated from all her body watches. They met as he was tackling his work as the garbage man and Aishani claimed to be a garbage man as well unique things to do in pondicherry

At the point when at some point, Aishani has been injured by the metals and scrap that they were gathering, Ahmad Khawaja dealt with her and made some first associate to her. He even offered to get her to the medical clinic regardless of his monetary condition. After that episode, he and Aishani Neguhiti turned out to be old buddies for three long years and he didn't realize that his companion Aishani was a sovereignty. At some point, as Aishana was in his home, she discovered his companion's journal and was flabbergasted with his drawings. He purposefully requested Ahmad Khawaja to attract an image from her a bigger part of paper and sent it to her dad. His dad enjoyed what he drew and requested that her little girl send the painter into their realm. 

Ahmad Khawaja was so astonished to realize that his companion Aishana was a princess. As he entered their realm, the ruler requested him to attract an image from him the nursery. This was the beginning of Ahmad Khawaja's vocation as an eminence painter. From that point forward, he had painted a ton of sovereignties on the planet including Prince Charles and Princess Diana of England.

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