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Places To Visit In May In South India

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South India is a favorite destination for a tourist, especially in summer, and why not? After all, there are many popular places here, where one can enjoy the summer. So, see below some places to visit in May in South India.

Places To Visit In May In South India:

You can plan a hill station to get relief from the scorching sun in summer. If you have such a plan for summer this time, then we are telling you how to make your plan a success. There are usually two ways to go on holiday. First, you can take a package from a tour company. Second, you can save money by doing all the work easily with your own planning. A report by the Ministry of Civil Aviation says that the number of domestic passengers is increasing by about 20% year after year.


Ooty is called the queen of hill stations. The weather here is perfect for summer. Ooty, situated in the Nilgiris hills in Tamil Nadu, is popular for its beauty, trekking and gardens.


Yercaud in Tamil Nadu is also a popular hill station. Among the best destinations in South India, Yercaud is also known as the Land of Seven Forests.


Munnar in Kerala is a very popular and heavenly hill station. It is considered the most romantic place. The lush green tea plantations, waterfalls, and hills create a supernatural view.

Periyar National Park:

Periyar National Park is the most popular park in South India. Summer is even more fun here because then animals here roam freely in the open and you can easily see them.


This Misty Valley is covered with spices, tea, and coffee plantations, topped with an emerald landscape that makes it a picturesque destination. Coorg is a center for coffee and spice production and has a pleasant climate. If you go here, you definitely visit Abhay, Iruppu, and Barud Falls.

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