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List Of Oil Refineries In India

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Oil Purifier Plant in India Raw petroleum is extracted from the ground up in India. Raw petroleum is not used directly. Refining petroleum is a complex process that has to be refined with natural impurities. So, here let's know about the list of oil refineries in India.

The process is a complex chemical process that currently has around 17 oil plants set up in India which fall under the highest sector and an oil refinery plant operated in the private sector by Reliance Industries, two in the public sector oil refineries Digboi Bogaigao and Noonmati Mumbai. Units Maharashtra Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh Barauni Bihar Koyli Gujarat Mathura Uttar Pradesh Panipat Haryana Cochin Kerala Meghalore Karnataka and Chennai Tamil Nadu Reliance Estrange in Jamnagar Gujarat is the only oil refining plant operated in the private sector.

Crude oil is supplied to refining plants in India by ships and pipelines. Although the annual rate of petrol production seems to be increasing, India has to import petroleum products from outside to supply its needs. 17 oil refineries in India are under the public sector and one plant is in the private sector. Although the pace of annual production is increasing, India may have to import petrol to meet internal requirements.

List Of Oil Refineries In India:

India currently has 15 oil refineries under the public sector in the country. Their names are given below -

Oil refinery factory production year

1. IOC Digboi 1901

2. HPCL Mumbai 1954

3. BPCL Mumbai 1955

4. HPCL Vishakhapatnam 1957

5. IOC Guwahati 1962

6. IOC Eyelash 1964

7. IOC Koyali 1965

8. CRL Cochin 1966

9. MRL Chennai 1969

10. IOC Haldia 1975

11. BRP L. Bongai Village 1979

12. NRL Nunamati 1980

13. IOC Mathura 1982

14. MRPL Mathura 1993

15. IOC Panipat 2000

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