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Know All About The Jaigarh Fort In Rajasthan!

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The land of the knights of Rajasthan has always been known for its valor, courage, sacrifice. Every city here has its own special and distinct identity. Many impenetrable kilos have been built on the land of Rajasthan. But there is also a fortress which has hidden a secret in itself, which has not been revealed till now. The name of this fort is Jaigarh Fort, it is a mysterious fort, which is in Jaipur. 

Know More About Jaigarh Fort:

Jaipur has one of the few military buildings of medieval India, "Jaigarh Fort". There are many places like gardens, water stitches, other stores, shastras, cannon factories, temples. Something special remains in this fort too. The entrance of Jaigarh Fort tells many stories of it. 

Jaigarh Fort is said to be the strongest of the three forts and this fort never faced any major resistance. The world's largest cannon located here has been tested only once. This fort tells the rich past of the city and is named after the ruler Sawai Jai Singh II, who built it. Jaigarh Fort is a magnificent architecture built in the 18th century.

Best Time To Jaigarh Fort

Rajasthan is a desert state of India and the temperature is very high during the summer season. The summer season here falls from April to June. The best time to visit Jaigarh Fort would be during the spring or winter months i.e. September to March as it is an ideal place to enjoy a holiday in Jaipur city and visit the various places here. 

The days are very good in these months but the nights are less than 4°C cold. If you are going to Jaipur at this time, do not forget to bring woolen clothes with you. The monsoon season is from July to September but Jaipur receives moderate to moderate rainfall.

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