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Famous And Best Hot Springs In India

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Hot water sources say geographical activities or the miracle of God that hot water tanks are found in many places on earth even in cold weather. The specialty of these kunds is that most of them are known for their medicinal properties. They contain many minerals that give medicinal properties to their water. There are many famous pools in India which have religious as well as medicinal value. So, see below some best hot springs in India.


In the case of miraculous water sources on the earth, the first name comes from Manikaran, the famous pilgrimage center in Himachal Pradesh. This place is particularly famous for hot water glasses. In the hot water tank located in Manikaran, sulfur, uranium and many other radioactive elements are found. Manikaran has many hot water sources in place. This place is also very important from a religious point of view.


Known as Eumsamdong of Sikkim, this place is situated at an altitude of 15500 ft. 14 water sources with sulfur. The water temperature of these water sources is around 59 degrees. Of the 14 water sources in Eusemandong, Borong and Ralong are very popular among tourists.

Agni Jal Kund:

The temperature of Agni Jal Kund in Atri in Odisha is always 55 degrees. The water of this pool is filled with sulfur in which people feel freshness by taking a bath. After taking a bath in Agnikund, Odisha, people get rid of their fatigue.

Tulsi Shyam Kund:

The Tulsi Shyam Kund located in Junagadh, Gujarat has three different sources of hot water. Variation is also found in the water temperature of these three pools. Taking a bath in these pools has spiritual as well as health benefits to the person. There is also a 700 year old Rukmani Devi temple near this kund.


Nubra Valley is located 9 km from Siachen Glacier in Ladakh. This place of Ladakh is also famous for its hot water reservoir. The water at this place is so hot that you see clear water bubbles rising from it. You cannot even touch it because the water is too hot.

60 Hot Water Tanks:

You will be surprised to know that the Jharkhand state of India has not one but 60 pools of hot water. The state of Jharkhand is at the forefront of hot water sources. There are 60 hot springs throughout this place. Of these, Tataloi, Tharai, Pani, Numbil, Tapat Pani, Susum Pani, Raneswar, Chark Khurd, Sidpur and Surajkund are the main ones.

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