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Best Secret Beaches In South Goa

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South Goa is like North Goa decades ago, with relatively pristine beaches and minimal development. If you want to avoid the growing crowds in North Goa and have a relatively quiet holiday, then you will like it there. The majority of the accommodations consist of luxury hotels, heritage villas, or simple huts on the beach. Get to know about the best places outside and find out how to get there in this South Goa Travel Guide. So, see here the secret beaches in south Goa.

Agonda Beach:

If you are just looking forward to relaxing and doing nothing, then you will find Agonda beach to be ideal. It is still quite quiet and underdeveloped. There is enough space for everyone, stretching for about 3 kilometers.

Palolem Beach:

10 minutes south of Agonda beach, Palolem beach is the most attractive and happening beach in South Goa. People flock there to live in cocoa huts under the palm trees on the beach, and enjoy the diverse nightlife. There are some bars which have 24-hour license for those who do not really want to sleep!

Patnem Beach:

At least five minutes south of Palolem, Patnem offers a good mix of entertainment and relaxation. This small beach, situated between two cliffs, is a wonderful place to stay if you want to chill out but not too far away from some decent nightlife in Palolem.


About 15 minutes south of Patnem Beach, the little-known Galjibag beach is a protected Olive Ridley turtle breeding site that is delightfully untouched and free of any permanent structures. There is hardly a soul on this long stretch of pristine beach, densely lined in line with the Casuarina tree. The handful of huts at the southern end of the beach serve fresh seafood from the nearby flowing river.

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