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Best Beaches In Karnataka Near Bangalore

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Karnataka ranks among the most beautiful states of India due to its natural beauty and unique culture. While here you will get to see many mountains and waterfalls in addition to wildlife, on the other hand, there are also many important beaches which are increasing the tourism industry of the state every day. Let me tell you that the sea coast passing through the state of Karnataka is 320 km long and covers many important beaches of the state. So, see below beaches in Karnataka near Bangalore.


Malpe is a city of beaches located just six kilometers from the temple town of Udupi. It is a natural harbor and an important fishing area of the Karnataka coastline.

St Mary's Island:

St. Mary's Island is known as Coconut Island in Karnataka. These islands are a group of four small islands that fall on the Malpe Sea Coast of Udupi. The basalt lava formation provides a most unique view of the islands here.


Karwar, on the western coast of the Indian peninsula, just 15 km from Goa district. And it is 520 km from the capital of Karnataka, Bangalore. Is located at a distance.


Maravanthe is a great destination for those who want to get closer to the natural beauty. Here on one side, you will have the view of the Arabian Sea, on the other hand, you will also be able to meet the Suparnika river.


Gokarna is a pilgrimage site located in the North Kannada district of Karnataka and is a beautiful beach among tourists. This place is situated at the confluence of two rivers Agnashini and Gangavali.


As soon as you reach the beach, you will see a huge idol of Lord Shiva. This idol is counted among the huge idols associated with Lord Shiva in the world. The beach here is a very quiet beach from where you can easily see the vast sea.


When you go 12 kilometers south of Udupi, there you will find Kaup Beach. There is a 100 feet high lighthouse from where the glory of the vast sea is made.

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