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Best And Beautiful Palakkad Visiting Places

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Palakkad in Kerala is one such special city, which is quite famous for its natural beauty. This place is considered very special for a quiet holiday. Palakkad is a special city in the state of Kerala, where you can plan to visit any month of the year. In this special article, know about the beautiful places in Palakkad, know how special this city is for you in terms of tourism. So, see here some Palakkad visiting places.

Dhoni Hill:

At a distance of 12 km from Palakkad and 60 km from Coimbatore, Dhoni Hills is a beautiful place with a reserve forest and many natural treasures. The hills are adjacent to the Malampuzha reservoir. Dhoni Hills is an amazing destination for trekking. At a distance of 3 km from Dhoni Hills, the Azhakampara waterfall is a magnificent place amidst natural beauty. Here the waterfalls from a mountain, a steep cliff from a height of 20 feet.


62 km from Palakkad At a distance of, Thrithala is a historic city, located on the banks of the Bharathappuzha River in Ottappalam taluk. Thrithala is famous for its monuments and historical ruins and has great archaeological significance. The ruins of a large mud fort with thick grass are notable cultural monuments. Thrithala is also famous for its Shiva temple in the 9th / 10th century.

Nelliyampathy Hills:

Apart from the beaches, the hill stations of Kerala also attract the attention of tourists to a large extent. These lush green mountains are known for their unique natural beauty. Nelliyampathy Hills, Kerala is counted among the main tourist destinations of the state. This hilly region is very famous in the surrounding states as a special weekend spot.

Meenvallam Waterfall:

30 km from Palakkad At a distance of, Meenavallam Waterfall is a spectacular waterfall near Karimba town in Palakkad district of Kerala state. The height of the waterfall varies from 20 feet to 25 feet at each stage. Only two of the five stages of the falls are accessible. Swimming/bathing is possible at these springs.

Silent Valley National Park:

Apart from the hill destination, if you want to experience a little adventure, then you can enjoy a tour of Silent Valley National Park in the state. Silent Valley National Park is counted among the most exclusive national parks in the Western Ghats, a spectacular destination from Palakkad. Apart from this, this park has also been declared as a world house by UNESCO.

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